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Cofounder With Over 8 Years of Industry Experience. Successfully led proprietary investments in early stage ventures in South East Asia and actively advises companies in growth and Fundraising

Ntasha has successfully built mentoring platform Venture Gurukool which focuses on investments in early stage ventures in India and helps them with growth through impact mentorship and fundraising assistance. Through Venture Gurukool, she successfully led proprietary investments in India & SE Asia and actively advises these companies in terms of growth and their forthcoming fundraise and exit strategy.

She is the director at of Qihoo India Finance and responsible for providing board leadership and strategic insights on VC investments in India. She is the director at BSE listed Lerthai Finance Limited, providing insights to the board on VC investments, and is also part of the Audit Committee, Remuneration and Appointments Committee and Stakeholder Relationships Committee. Prior to that she was at Indian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (IVCA) wherein she led the innovation initiative, exclusively geared towards investments in early stage ventures and attracting foreign venture capital funds to invest in Indian Early Stage Ventures. She was Entrepreneur-in-residence at and successfully led and launched a new product, “Chemical Plus Channel”, within short duration. Prior to that she was the focused on investment research in the energy and resources sector, having worked at Bloomberg New Energy Finance and ANZ bank in Adelaide, Australia.Ntasha earned her Masters of Science in Energy and Resources Management with Distinction from University College London (UCL). She has published thesis on the investment opportunities for new electricity generation technologies by adhering to stringent risk-return parameters for which she was bestowed with the Torrens Award by UCL for outstanding academic excellence. She is a Santos Scholar and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Lancaster University. She is also a CFA Level II candidate.